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Resources on Pitching Investors and Writing a Business Plan

To turn a great idea into a booming business reality, an entrepreneur needs funding. Venture capital financing may be the best fit for your nascent company. Unfortunately, raising capital through VCs can be a very difficult process.

Looking to help confused, capital raising entrepreneurs, we have collected insightful thinking on best practices for pitching to a potential investor and writing a business plan. Click on an image below to navigate to a page containing the respective resource.

Pitching Investors

Canaan Partners' Entrepreneur Pitch Workbook is the best source for organizing your investor pitch slide deck. It includes suggestions for which content to include and ideas for editing down to the bare essentials. To view click the image below.

Entrepreneur Pitch Workbook

The Founders Institute, an entrepreneurial think tank, has a great page of links on pitching investors.

Links from Founders Institute

The best book about making a great presentation is Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds. It is an outstanding guide for making visually interesting and verbally compelling presentations.

Presentation Zen

The Art of Pitching is another useful slidedeck.

The Art of Pitching

Clicking any of the images below will take you to another of our favorite presentations about improving your pitch to investors. Each is entertaining, irreverent and informative.

Presentation: Raising Capital: Closing the Deal
Presentation: Presentation Hacks
Presentation: Pitching Hacks
Presentation: Venture Hacks

Writing a Business Plan

Garage Technology Ventures has a compelling list of resources

Garage Technology Ventures' Resources Page

When you get pregnant, you read What to Expect When You're Expecting. When you get laid off, you read What Color is Your Parachute?. When you get entrepreneurial, you read The Art of the Start.

The Art of the Start

And finally, Venture Hacks, founded by serial entrepreneurs and angel investors (whose successes include Twitter) has made available their archives, which comprise one of the most extensive collections of resources on pitching investors and business plans.

Venture Hacks' Archives

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